Joseph Paulson

Web Sherpa


A bit about me

I'm a dual citizen of Canada and Minnesota, so half the time I'm Minnesota nice and half the time I'm overly apologetic. I was born in Michigan, where as a kid I remember editing code on my dad's Commodore 64. After living in Washington state for awhile, I moved to Minnesota. In 2010, after graduating with a business degree, I spent a year traveling around New Zealand and Australia. Now I'm back in Minneapolis, and on a nice day you'll find me in my hammock or getting my friends to taste some new recipe I'm trying. I love adventure, so one summer I canoed the 660 miles down the Mississippi river to St Louis MO.

I've always been dabbling in business, from running small ventures as a kid to renovating and managing a hostel in New Zealand where I was able to bring in more guests through a website and e-booking. I understand that keeping up with ever changing technology is complicated. Not everyone has the time or interest. Let me help so businesses can focus on what they do best.

What I do


Need to sell stuff online? I'm your guy. I have different solutions for different sizes of business.


Having the best site on the web is useless if no one can find it.

Websites & CMS

I love making sites that are easy for people to use and update.

Brand Authority

Let's build your brand by giving customers something they want to share with their friends.


Assess Need

I always start with a strong understanding of what your needs and goals are. Then craft a solution that best fits those needs rather than trying to Shoehorn your needs into a pre-built solution.

Beautiful Design

Design is pivotal since it‘s the first impression users get. It‘s equally important to understand how people use the internet and cater to that.

User Centered

1/4 of web traffic comes from smart phones or tablets. And is expected to rise above 50% by 2015. 1/2 of searches for local products and services are on mobile devices. I make sites that look great on every browser, IS, and device.


I build all my sites with a strong foundation for SEO. I can optimize your site for you, or prepare it in advance


I love finding solutions that are easy to keep updated without having to get to technical. I give you tools to fly, but am always just a call away.

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